Security and defence



Electronic and telecommunication engineering are in TSEM the main development settings that are expressed in technologies for Security and Defence

Technological challenges

The aerospace security and defence market can be appreciated in almost 370 billion euros, of which 155 the American one, 90 the European one and 125 the rest of the world.Broken down by sectors, the civil aviation counts for 20%, the air force 16%, rotary wing aviation 4%, space aviation 12%, electronics for defence 23%, weapon systems and missiles 7%, security 18%. Among the top ten world companies of the sector, six are American and four European and all together cover almost two thirds of the market.

Sector change

At industrial level, many big and medium companies tried to use their competence by expanding to the military market, if civil, or to the civil one, if military.

At technological level, the border between technologies for military applications and for civil use is becoming more and more limited: the increasing requirements of the civil market and the quick growth of its most technologically advanced side made the transfer bidirectional.

Driving forces of innovation

The technological innovation of TSEM shows specific expertise in:

  • Feasibility studies, statistical researches, consultancies and engineering designs for military and intergovernmental organizations.
  • Provision of integrated systems for security and control of military infrastructures.
  • Development of multi-technological and energetic-environmental applications from an eco-friendly perspective.
  • Study on computer and online systems and in activities of coding and standardization of materials.

C.S.M. Coastal Subsidence Meter

System for measuring subsidence of seabeds close to the coast.
This is meant for scholars, geologists, researchers and biologists but also for companies of the energy sector that extract fossil fuels from seabeds and need specific and reliable equipment to measure and collect data allowing to evaluate and/or forecast consequences of their activities on the territory.

Sniper Detector

TSEM is a technological partner for its recognized engineering expertise in the sector of the Military and Defence secrecy able to manage autonomously projects for identifying biometric data, security of websites and networks.